Writing for Positio magazine?

Great that you want to publish your article in Positio magazine! Please contact the editorial team and we will agree on the following details:

  • topic of the article
  • type of text (article, interview, blog…)
  • length
  • publication date
  • illustration

Information for the authors:

  • Articles are published in English.
  • Articles will be proofread and edited before publication.
  • Articles will not be published without illustrations, so please be prepared to provide images.
  • Please let us know in good time if there are any changes to the agreed timetable.

Writing guidelines

  • The maximum length of an article is 3000 characters including spaces, a blog 1500 characters.
  • Please use clear and concise language. Remember that you are not writing a research article, but a general article for professionals and those interested in the field. Avoid jargon.
  • Consider whether the reader will understand the concepts, terms and abbreviations. If necessary, use a different term or explain the concept.
  • Consider paragraphing. A text will usually flow well if one paragraph covers a single topic.
  • Avoid sentences that are too long. Consider breaking sentences into several parts.
  • When you submit images, tell us who took the photo. In addition to the name of the photographer, also include the name of the organisation. Check with the photographer that you have permission to publish the photo. Submit images in tiff, eps, jpg or png format (not attached to a text document).